There have been various sightings of otherworldly phenomena in the area of Varkow in 1972. Official investigations show that these seemingly random occurrences happen to be connected to a single source, referred to as “Sy Kiq”.

Witnesses describe objects suddenly getting lifted into the air, defying the laws of gravity. These flying objects seem to attract each other and quickly form various shapes. The shapes are often described as resembling animals or even taking on humanoid form.

Research suggests that this attracting energy is of human origin. The picture below shows the person thought to be responsible for said events.

The citizen “Sy Kiq” vanished without a trace in the mentioned area a few weeks before the incidents.

Scientists and fanatics suggest that the being is “without a body” and seems to be searching for a way of “remanifestation” in shape and sound. Officials describe the entity named “Sy Kiq” as highly dangerous and a threat to the public.